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While the online ordering form is under development, the old mail order system is alive and well. Please browse our products below, print our order form, fill out your order and send it with the cheque made payable to "Archconfraternity of St Stephen" to:

Archconfraternity of St Stephen
PO Box 568

Presentation of awards Presentation of awards Enrolment service Revised Enrolment service Revised 2015
Guild Bronze medal with cord Enrolment Souvenirs
Bronze Guild Medal including cord & Enrolment Souvenir: £4.00
Medal cord
Medal cord per metre: £0.60
Certificates of Merit
Certificates of Merit (Pack of 10): £5.00
Register of Enrolment
Register of Enrolment: £15.00
St Stephen’s Handbook for Altar Servers
St Stephen’s Handbook for Altar Servers: £3.50 (10% off for 10 or more)
Enrolment Souvenirs
Enrolment Souvenirs: £0.25
Guild Ties
Guild Ties, Blue or Maroon: £10.00
Tie Slide
Tie Slide: £5.00
Lapel pin £2.25
Cufflinks (Pair): £6.00

Medals for Distinguished Service

These medals must be specially applied for and have their special order forms.
Please note the requirements and different costs of each medal.


Silver Guild Medal
Silver Medals for 10 years of enrolment into the Guild of St Stephen.
Silver Plated: POA
Solid Silver: POA
Print Silver Medal Application Form
Gold Guild Medal
Gold Medals for 50 years of enrolment into the Guild of St Stephen.
Gold Plated: POA
Gold Silver: POA
Print Gold Medal Application Form

For servers who have served at the altar but who have not been enrolled into the Guild.


Merit Medals
Silver Plated (20 years): POA
Solid Silver (20 years): POA
Gold Plated Solid Silver (50 years): POA
Print Silver Merit Medal Application Form
Print Gold Merit Medal Application Form

I offer myself to God almighty, to blessed Mary, our Mother and to our holy patron, Saint Stephen




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